3 Negative Credit Factors to Watch For

From qualifying for a home loan to securing a loan for a car, your personal credit score is the key to unlocking loans and other financial products. Many times we’re told about the things we should be doing to increase our credit score: making payments on time, ensuring we’re only financially linked to financially sound […]

Five ways to keep yourself safe from scammers

Scammers. They are those people who send emails claiming to be a disposed businessman, a prince driven from their home or some politician running from their past. They have a fortune and they’re willing to split it with you, as long as you pay them to complete the transfer… We’ve all seen emails similar to […]

How does an overdraft work?

At Kroo we’re on our way to becoming a licensed UK Bank. A bank that wants to change the relationship people have with money for good. With this comes a big responsibility, one we take seriously. Just one step we’re taking is to give people the confidence to make the right financial decisions. Over the […]

Money & Mental Health

Whether you have a lot or a little, money features in our everyday lives and the effect it has on our mental wellbeing is discussed far too infrequently. We blame it on ‘being British’ — but it’s time we stopped hiding and start breaking down the barriers around money talk. One of the main drivers for […]