Meet the Kroo Team: Product Design

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and explain your role at Kroo?I’m a Product Designer at Kroo, part of the team responsible for the look and feel of the Kroo app. When I’m not drawing rectangles, I can usually be found with my head in a book or my hands on a… Continue reading Meet the Kroo Team: Product Design

3 Negative Credit Factors to Watch For

From qualifying for a home loan to securing a loan for a car, your personal credit score is the key to unlocking loans and other financial products. Many times we’re told about the things we should be doing to increase our credit score: making payments on time, ensuring we’re only financially linked to financially sound… Continue reading 3 Negative Credit Factors to Watch For

Meet the Kroo Team: Full Stack Developer

Here at Kroo we’re passionate about our people, they are, after all, what we’re made of. We’re inspired by our team’s commitment to growth, for embracing change and building a bank that’s an agent for good.  We’ve interviewed a key member of our development team to give some insight on what it’s like to contribute… Continue reading Meet the Kroo Team: Full Stack Developer

Free Credit Score Tracking with the Kroo App

At Kroo, we want to make finances fit your life, not the other way around. This is why we’ve made it simple to access the information that influences your financial wellness. Now you can enjoy seamless access to your TransUnion credit score, all from the Kroo app. Checking your TransUnion Credit score through the Kroo app… Continue reading Free Credit Score Tracking with the Kroo App

Announcing our £17.7m Series A

They say money talks, but how loud does £17.7m speak? After hours of great conversations with potential investors, I’m able to share my excitement with you all. Kroo has raised £17.7m in its Series A funding round. The raise will support our mobilisation effort, including building a market-leading current account and overdraft, growing the incredibly… Continue reading Announcing our £17.7m Series A

Building a bank — it’s getting real

Some of you might remember a previous blog about how our journey to become a bank all began. Well, I’m happy to let you know that it’s getting very real indeed. We’ve received our banking licence with restrictions from the Bank of England, bringing us closer than ever to creating the first bank built around you, your friends,… Continue reading Building a bank — it’s getting real

How does an overdraft work?

At Kroo we’re on our way to becoming a licensed UK Bank. A bank that wants to change the relationship people have with money for good. With this comes a big responsibility, one we take seriously. Just one step we’re taking is to give people the confidence to make the right financial decisions. Over the… Continue reading How does an overdraft work?

Open Banking at Kroo

Today I’d like to tell you about how we went about implementing Open Banking at Kroo. Specifically how we went about allowing users to consent to Third Party Providers having access to their data. A quick aside; Open Banking is an initiative to enable opening up of data at banks and financial institutes so that TTPs or other developers can… Continue reading Open Banking at Kroo

How Kroo maintains sanity in distributed systems — Part 2

This article is a continuation of Part 1 in the series. In Part 1 of this article series, we laid out some groundwork by explaining what Richardson Maturity Model and Hypertext Application Language (HAL) are and presented some examples of where it might be beneficial to build your APIs as a mesh of services connected via Hypermedia links. In… Continue reading How Kroo maintains sanity in distributed systems — Part 2

How Kroo does hackathons

Banking and technology are industries that are blended from the old and the new. To push things forward, we encourage our colleagues to stay curious, be innovative and to not be afraid to rock the boat. That’s why when it comes to work it’s important to allow creativity to flourish and allow space for new… Continue reading How Kroo does hackathons