A loan that works for you.

Get the job done with a Kroo loan. Our representative APR is 8% for loans up to £5,000.
Applications for a loan are by invitation only for Kroo current account holders.

Loan cost calculator

I want to borrow

and repay over


Representative APR8%

Total cost of credit£105.80

Total amount repayable£2605.80


Apply in-app and have the money in your account in minutes.


We won’t charge you for paying a little extra or a little early.


The interest you pay is personalised to you and fixed for the loan term.


Check in and see your remaining balance at a glance in the app.

Representative Example.

A £5000.00 personal loan over 5 years at 8% APR representative (fixed) with repayments of £100.72 a month. It would cost £1043.20 as a total charge for credit, so the total amount repayable would be £6043.20.

60 monthly repayments of


Total charge for credit


Total amount repayable


Why take out a Kroo loan?

Whether buying a new car, improving your home or consolidating some debts, a Kroo loan is a great way to make things happen.


Stay in control.

With a Kroo loan, you can borrow up to £5,000 and pay it off between 1 and 5 years – it’s totally up to you.
We want you to take the lead with a plan that works for your budget.


Pay off early.

Making an early repayment shouldn’t come with terms. Which is why you’re free to pay off a little extra whenever you like on the app.
Paying early will shrink the amount of each subsequent repayment or reduce the time to repay the loan. It’s your choice.

Help if you need it.

Taking out a loan shouldn’t be done lightly, and you need to be comfortable with the repayments. But we know that sometimes life gets in the way.
So, if you need support with your loan, you can speak to our friendly Customer Service team over the phone or message them on live chat through the app. They’re here to help.

Visit Stepchange.org for independent advice.

Questions? Answers.

What is an unsecured personal loan?

A loan made to you personally, without any security against it (like a car or a house).

What is annual percentage rate (APR)?

APR stands for annual percentage rate. It includes any fees and charges – but we don’t charge anything other than interest.

What is APR representative?

We offer representative APR to more than half of those who apply for our product. We offer personalised rates tailored to each customer, but we can’t calculate that until you’ve checked your rate by applying. The representative rate is an indication of what the product might cost.

How is the loan paid to me?

Kroo loans are paid into your Kroo account, subject to typical credit and risk checks.

How does repayment of the loan work?

Our loans are ‘amortising’, which means that your loan balance will reduce with every monthly payment until the loan is repaid. The payment schedule is calculated at the time of application, and you can see that in the app, so you know what’s coming. Payments are deducted from your Kroo current account.

What are the costs in the case of late payments?

We don’t charge penalties or fees for late payments, but interest will continue to accrue on that payment, meaning you will pay more interest overall. Kroo reports to credit agencies, so late payments can impact your credit file and make future borrowing more expensive.

How will a loan affect my credit history?

As with typical credit products, your payment record is reported, and the credit agency updates its record. Repaying a loan on time can be a great way to improve your score. Late payments can have a negative impact.